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Company dynamics

The scale of Meiye's informatization is about to emerge, and the storefront management has provided them with a set of SaaS management software

Data shows that in 2015, China's service industry grew by 8.3% year-on-year, 1.4 and 2.3 percentage points higher than the growth rates of GDP and the added value of the secondary industry, respectively. Its proportion in GDP reached 50.5%, exceeding half for the first time. Compared with developed countries, China's service industry still has 20% -30% development space. The beauty industry belongs to the physical service industry, with a market size of over 100 billion yuan, but its level of informatization is relatively low compared to the retail and catering industry. The reason for this is that catering and retail have a large customer flow and reach a wide audience, while the beauty industry has a relatively small customer flow, coupled with the low level of informatization and management efficiency caused by the quality of employees.

The main management methods of Meiye now are paper ledgers and simple cash register and settlement software. Paper management accounts for about 90% of industry customers, and single player management software with simple functions that can only be used to manage membership cards accounts for about 9%. The stickiness between customers and storefronts in the beauty industry is relatively high. Although it is a low-frequency consumption, once users choose a store, it is difficult to turn to other stores after receiving good service. Therefore, the needs of beauty industry in appointment management and customer management are higher than those of catering and retail. The application software form may not be mainly settlement and cashier, but the focus is on management software that integrates CRM system, cashier, performance evaluation, and appointment.

Recently, 36Kr learned that the storefront management is a beauty industry SaaS product, with main functions such as SCRM member management, intelligent reservation, performance-based salary, marketing vouchers, and all-around cash register. The products of the doorman store are WeChat official account and applet on the customer side; The beautician end is a mobile end used for customer relationship maintenance, salary inquiry, and appointment; The front-end end is Upad, mainly for cash register and appointment; There is also a general backend used by the store manager, mainly PC or integrated intelligent machine, for overall data management.

In fact, the process of management is also a process of depositing data, and also a process of developing closed-loop and ecology. CEO Meng Fangang told reporters that the doormen now use marketing tools+SaaS system to enter the offline Meiye stores, establish strong relationships, and then through the cashier system to embed WeChat and Alipay payment, to introduce the online flow of the stores into the platform and pad a large amount of funds. Finally, based on SaaS transaction data Big data analysis of consumer behavior data extends the supply chain of beauty products and projects. For example, the storefront is currently developing a skin detection device in South Korea. After the test is completed, it will be placed in the customer's file and integrated into the intelligent management platform. This way, when customers come back, they can provide services based on their personal characteristics.

The transformation of the beauty industry has formed two camps. One camp is a large clubhouse, which has accumulated many old customers. As old customers grow older, their demand for health preservation becomes stronger. Once they enter the health preservation industry, they are somewhat detached from the main internet forces such as the 80 and 90; Another type is newly opened stores in the past two years, which do not have the resources of old members. Therefore, how to provide services for the 80 and 90 population has become the main task. Young people belong to the Internet usage scenario, so new stores are more likely to be implanted with SaaS software. The storefront management is more inclined towards younger stores, and after accumulating experience and funds for a period of time, they can then build old stores.

For stores without information technology, data entry in the early stage is the most troublesome. The store manager will send customer service to help organize the data, which takes about 2-3 days. Secondly, there is the popularization of software usage. Regarding this, the storefront management has specialized training, including remote audio and video training. The charging model is divided into private cloud deployment and public cloud, with public cloud costing less than 10000 yuan, and an annual maintenance fee of 1000 yuan thereafter. The installation of the entire software can probably save one person's cost for the store.

The customers of the storefront management include Christina, Siyu Hair Care, Qingxi Aesthetics, Millennium Bird, and Natural Beauty.

In terms of industry competitors, Meiye SaaS providers also include Boca, Oti, Meiyue Hui, Meilijia, Dianmei, Meiye Bang, and others.

Meng Fangang believes that one threshold for doing SaaS in the beauty industry is software development ability. Only with strong research and development ability can we develop products with simple pages, complete functions, and suitable for management. This will increase the stickiness between customers and the company. Therefore, the idea of storefront management is to create more intelligent products; The second point is sales ability. The storefront management now adopts a partnership approach, and the agency channel can develop its own customers. Currently, there are more than 100 storefront partners.

The team currently consists of 30 people, with more than half being technical personnel. CEO Meng Fangang has served as the CEO of Huiyou Technology and the CEO of Suicheji, with 8 years of experience in internet and mobile internet operation and management. The company has completed the angel round of financing and plans to proceed to the next round of financing.